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WHat other's had to say after working with ME...

"Mark has helped me generate qualified leads and it has definitely helped my business grow. He got everything up and running and I am currently working with him to further improve my sales funnel."

How I've helped?

Generate leads that helped him Improve sales in the 1st month and had enough leads to follow up for 2 months

Coach Veejay, Fitness Coach

"I'm extremely pleased with my experiences with Mark as my digital service expert, in helping me grow my business in the digital world. He is the guy with the skills I need in my online business and most importantly, he's humble and comfortable to work with. On top of all these, he is one who will do the extra mile to give his support and assistance. One who works with his heart."

How I've helped? 

Generated 483 leads in 3 months & achieved sales target 1 month earlier

Helen, Education Business

"If you're looking for people to help you with digital marketing, look no further. The most important thing in digital marketing service is the constant update of the results to make the clients feel no worries. He does all of that and you can handover the marketing part and focus on the other parts of the business with no worries."

How I've helped?

Carried out media buying services and managed a five figure ad spend in 5 months   

Neow Ker Eong, Marketing Manager

Chromabit Sdn Bhd

"Mark is a great guy with good knowledge on ads. He cares about his work and that’s something you don’t often get when engaging a 3rd party service. He is reliable and responsive to messages. Definitely recommended. ."

How I've helped?

Improve sales in first & second month, ramped up ad budget for third & fourth month. 760 lead generated and counting...

Shannon Toh 

About Mark Lim

Media buyer / copywriter

Hey my name is Mark...

I have been doing sales since I was 14, helping my father sell at the annual construction exhibition. After graduation I landed a job in a Fortune 500 Tech Consulting Firm before moving on to be part of my family business. 

In times of crisis, I saw the opportunity to leverage Social Media Marketing. One thing led to another and now I found my niche in helping businesses generate leads sustainably and improve their online sales through the power of paid ads.

Couple that with my years of experience doing sales, I also offer my clients insights / solutions on how to create a sales funnels and make effective cold calls.

The digital world is vast and can be scary, so allow me to go on this journey with you and let's achieve great heights together.

Looking forward to speaking with you.

getting results from paid ads isn't rocket science...
Or is it?

You can see in the screenshot above, we enjoyed some great cost per leads but that means nothing if the leads can't convert.

With a good sales team, my client was getting a 10% - 15% conversion from these ICE COLD LEADS.

This translated to 6 figure sales just from the leads alone.

At one point, we were getting too many leads that they were not able to cope. 

Instead of turning off the ads all together, we reduced the budget and they still have leads trickling in.

They did not have to worry about WHERE their next lead will come from or HOW they were going to get their leads. 

When they were ready, all we had to do was ramp up the daily ad spend and we were back in the fast lane.

Running Paid Ads on social media is a great way to generate leads 24/7, rain or shine, pandemic or no pandemic.

Apart from lead generation, I also work with clients in the E-Commerce space where we're consistently making 5 figures every month with an ad spend of RM 900

With my FAMS Method, I designed a proper campaign structure. This is absolutely crucial to ensure that every Ringgit spend is properly utilized and optimized to get us RESULTS!

This is proof that you do not need a BIG budget to start running ads. 

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Why Work with me?


Working with me is hassle free and a great my clients have said.  Digital marketing does not have to be complicated. My methodical approach from start to finish will bring clarity and give you a clear goal for your campaign.


During our clarity call session, we identify your moving pain  and provide you with solutions that will give you immediate pain relief.


The last thing you need is to trouble shoot a rejected ad or research on which audience will be your best target. That's where I come in. Let me take this burden off you and handle everything from Z to A...yes Z to A.


I am first an Entrepreneur then a Digital Marketer. When I work with you I speak to you as a fellow Entrepreneur then a Digital Marketer. We will look at your business and how digital marketing can help you and not just offer you digital marketing solutions you don't need.


When you work with me you are essentially hiring your own Digital Marketer. You will have direct access to me and I strive to answer any questions you have in 24 hours


There are no forced retainers when you work with me. We start with a 30 day contract as that gives us a good duration to determine if we are a right fit for working together.

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My name is Mark Lim and I look forward to working with you.

Your Digital Partner,

frequently asked questions

Is FB ads still effective?

FB Ads is a marketing tool. The effectiveness of a tool greatly depends on the person wielding the tool. Would you blame your frying pan if your food didn't turn out the way you want it to? If you know what you're doing then YES! 

How Do You Generate Leads / Improve Online Sales?

I use my FAMS Method to understand your offer, position it, structure a campaign that will maximise deliverability. The FAMS Method is suitable for E-Commerce Stores and Lead Generation.

Is This Like Doing Boost Post?

One of the FAMS Method commandment is to NEVER do boost post. In order to reach out to an audience with strongest desire to purchase / sign up, I use conversions campaign

Will This Be Suitable For My Business?

We have worked with a wide range of businesses from fruit farms, videographers, fitness coach, personal finance coaches, chiropractors, network marketers, F&B (frozen food), F&B (burger joint) etc. Leave your details and let's see how best we can work together

What Is The Fuss About Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a word that is being thrown around a lot. A lot of other marketers use it, it's plastered all over the internet. Basically what this 'Fancy' word simply mean is "How do you find or reach out to your next customer?". a business lifeline and in order to get sales you'll need LEADS. With a healthy stream of leads coming in you'll definitely have a healthy sales pipeline.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this service and its potential. There is no guarantee that every industry is able to generate leads on Facebook. Examples on this website is not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee. Earning potential and closing of sales is entirely dependent on the business and their capability to close sales. We do not position this product as a “get rich scheme.”

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